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24/7 Reporting Available on Client Portal. 24 Hour Response time for Client Inquiries.


We strictly follow The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).


As a debt collection agency, we can report any account to the credit bureaus that follow the bureau's guidelines.

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Atlas Financial Services

Increase your chance getting paid

Increase your chance getting paid

When your efforts are exhausted collecting on delinquent accounts, increase your chance by placing your accounts with a debt collection agency. As a debt collection agency, we build urgency by reporting the debt to the credit bureaus.

Ensure increase of expected sales

Ensure increase of expected sales

Depending on the industry, In-House Accounts Receivable should not exceed 30 days per account. Studies show extended time of non-payment becomes less likely past 30 days. After 60 days, the chances of collecting reduce to 40%.


Our Best Services


Atlas Financial Services works off a contingency basis. A contingency basis means we agree on a percentage we get to keep after collecting on an account. If you are thinking about becoming a client, give us a call to negotiate a contingency rate.


Increase accounts receivables by doubling your team partnering with a collection agency. Partnering with a collection agency allows in-house accounts receivables to focus on accounts that haven't exceeded a 30-day threshold, increasing your monthly revenue.


Our Client Portal makes it easy to track and place accounts. List of Client portal features include:

- Placement Form
- Real-Time Account Status & Reporting.
- Document Upload
- Upload Accounts in Bulk using CSV.


Accounts that have been placed are assigned to individual collectors. Each collector is trained to collect proficiently. When our expert collectors exhaust their efforts in collecting, we will submit the account for legal review. We will pursue any account that is $150 or more in court. We will pay all costs with our 50% contingency rate for legal accounts, including attorney fees. *Legal Contingency Rates Vary Per Agreement*


Any business needs to keep information secure and out of the wrong hands. All information and accounts placed with us are on our secured encrypted systems. Working with hundreds of Medical Facilities, we understand the importance of HIPAA and the FDCPA and follow collection guidelines strictly. We are a proud member of The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals!


Working with several businesses with huge accounting departments, we understand that time is money. With our advanced client portal software, we can save our clients time. Clients who use account management software to export delinquent accounts in bulk can adjust CSV data tables and upload their accounts. They can also create a zip folder with all the account documentation and upload it. What would take hours just turned into minutes.

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Customers Reviews

I work with this company in a business capacity. I can understand the difference in ratings depending on which side of the fence you sit with the company. Naturally, if they are collecting a debt that you owe, you’re not going to be happy with them even though they are doing what they are legally allowed to do. Unfortunately, the parties that have ended up going to collections through our business have 1) been deceptive to our business about contractual information 2) completely cut off communication despite repeated attempts through multiple avenues over months of time passed 3) avoided attempts by our business to pick up our rental property by retrieval at the contracted address which would avoid needing Atlas services altogether. Now, I cannot speak on behalf of other businesses and what parameters are considered when THEY send an account to Atlas. I can say, however, that OUR business only sends accounts to Atlas when all other options have been completely exhausted. We appreciate their services in such instances.

Atlas Financial Services, Client

We have used Atlas for our account collections needs for 10+ years. They are trustworthy, professional, and straightforward to work with. Account Collections can be an unpleasant business, but Atlas makes the process very smooth and easy.

April Bunny
Atlas Financial Services, Client

A pleasure to work with you after disappointment in several other groups in town. Painless easy communication and a success level that satisfies.

Bill Booth
Atlas Financial Services, Client

I recommend this company… I run a small business, and I did a small job for a customer. This customer tried not to pay for the work done after bragging about how professional and great of a job I did on Facebook. I later found out that this customer has repeatedly done it in the past to others. I could have written it off as a loss, but the customer was satisfied and just didn’t want to pay. I handed it over to Atlas Financial Services, and a few months later, I was paid in full. The best part about it was that I didn’t have to stress about trying to get my money. They do all the work.
Justice is nice.

Jeffrey Hairston
Atlas Financial Services, Client
We have worked with Atlas for years. Great customers services and a pleasure to work with.
Dartagnan Georgiades
Atlas Financial Services, Client




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