I work with this company in a business capacity. I can understand the difference in ratings depending on which side of the fence you sit with the company. Naturally, if they are collecting a debt that you owe, you’re not going to be happy with them even though they are doing what they are legally allowed to do. Unfortunately, the parties that have ended up going to collections through our business have 1) been deceptive to our business about contractual information 2) completely cut off communication despite repeated attempts through multiple avenues over months of time passed 3) avoided attempts by our business to pick up our rental property by retrieval at the contracted address which would avoid needing Atlas services altogether. Now, I cannot speak on behalf of other businesses and what parameters are considered when THEY send an account to Atlas. I can say, however, that OUR business only sends accounts to Atlas when all other options have been completely exhausted. We appreciate their services in such instances.